About MissionMakr.com


MissionMakr debuted in November 2008 and was the result of the hard work and prayer by its creators, Robert Carpenter – the idea guy, and Caleb Cohoon – the make it work guy. After successfully field-testing MissionMakr, Robert realized that God could use the web-based application to help churches and para-church organizations make more out of missions especially in the area of communication and impact.

After several years of growth and development, MissionMakr was sold to Rick and Diana Lowe in the summer of 2013. Rick has led dozens of short-term teams while he and his family served as missionaries for 13 years and now as an outreach and missions pastor. As one of MissionMakr's early adopters, Rick shares Robert's commitment to help you make the most out of your mission trip experience and magnify God by more effectively telling His story.

MissionMakr.com gives people who host short-term trips a powerful and easy-to-use tool to communicate missions and create long-term impact for mission trips and missions in general.

MissionMakr.com follows the natural progression of a short-term trip:

  • First you Launch (promote and sign up).
  • Then you GearUP (prepare people for the field).
  • Next, you GO! (and communicate with MissionSupportrs from the field).
  • Finally, you Tell (your church, MissionSupportrs and others about what God did to you and to the people you went to serve.)

Each phase allows you to communicate and engage people… and it's the best way to keep missions visible and at the forefront of your church.

Let's do a demo!

Let us show you how easy it is to create trips and add content using our drag & drop widgets. Send an email to . We’ll contact you and set it up!

"Making more of missions is the goal, and it delivers on its promise. MissionMakr is part of our strategy to be a missional church." Dr. David Seifert, Senior Pastor, Shelter Cove Community Church
Matthew 28:19 "Therefore, go and make disciples ..."