Frequently Asked Questions


How can MissionMakr turn my short-term trip into church-wide missional event?

Most churches hear a lot about a trip before it leaves and after it returns from the mission field. Until now, there was no "automatic" way for Trip Followers to receive updates from the field. Our Field News Widget allows the MissionTeam to post updates from the field (text, photos, video). Once posted, all Trip Followers who signed up to follow the trip receive an email/SMS notification that new Field News has been posted. They log in and view/read the update. Mass notification and update can turn a good short-term trip into a great short-term trip for the entire church … everybody feels like they went too!


Can we try it before we buy it?

Yes. Absolutely. In fact, you can create and build your first trip completely FREE. No cost and no obligation. Experience all four phases of MissionMakr's Launch, GearUP, GO! and Tell. Then, when Trip Members start signing up, it will cost you one (1) Credit for each Trip Member you approve to go on your trip. One (1) Credit costs $16-20 based on the number of Credits you purchase. The more you purchase, the less the cost. Credits can be purchased in any quantity in advance or as you approve Trip Members. We accept credit cards and PayPal.


What's the difference between using and using sites like Facebook, Flikr and a blog or church website to communicate my short-term trip?

You can certainly use social media, photo sites and blogs to communicate short-term missions, but we think asking both participants and supporters to go to Facebook to connect, Flikr to see pictures and xyx blog to read about the trip simply wears people out. People are easily frustrated with having to go to multiple places to get information. Plus, most sites require people to sign up, and if you're not on Facebook, once you sign up, you're on forever. MissionMakr brings all the components of communication into one site and helps you perform vital trip functions like signing people up, giving people a way to follow your trip, sending out devotionals and giving you tools to connect directly to supporters from the mission field.


What does MissionMakr cost?

We charge one (1) Credit for each person you approve to go on your trip. One (1) Credit costs $16-20 based on the number of Credits you purchase. 1-25, $20; 26-100, $18; and 101+ is $16 each. Credits are purchased by the church or organization either one at a time or in bulk. Typically, the cost is added to the trip cost or split between the Trip Member and the church. Members of the Mission Team (typically staff) go free. There is no cost for Trip Followers to follow your trip.


Are there additional costs to use MissionMakr besides the per-person fee?

Nope. None. For the future, we're working on allowing churches and organizations the ability to purchase additional storage beyond the 2GB (gigabyte) limit as well the ability to obtain high quality content to help communicate missions more effectively.


What are the system requirements to use MissionMakr?

Since MissionMakr is hosted on our servers, there's nothing to install and no server/platform requirements to worry about. All you need is connection to the internet and a modern web browser with Javascript enabled and Flash installed (this is the default for most computers). MissionMakr supports Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 and 8 on the PC and Safari on the Mac and Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome on both the PC and the Mac. MissionMakr does not support IE 6 on the PC or Mac. For the best user experience, we recommend FireFox, Safari or Google's Chrome.


Can we run MissionMakr on our own servers?

MissionMakr is a fee-based web application. It is not available to run on your own servers.


Is there any software I need to use

No. You can add content to the phases using the widgets provided. However, in some cases, the widgets are used to display documents, photos, logos, video, etc. that have been created in other programs. The document widget, for example, allows you to upload PDF's so people can download, view and read your application. For this, you'll need to provide a finished PDF. supports the following file formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif.


Is MissionMakr secure?

Yes, we take security very seriously. Each page that contains sensitive information is encrypted. You can verify this by checking for a lock icon in your browser.


How do I know will help me to communicate and create impact for my short-term trip?

Because that is its purpose! It was built by people who've been on the short-term mission field and who work to help their churches communicate and create impact for their short-term missions program. By the way, you're going to absolutely love the drag and drop widgets for adding content!


I purchased credits that I didn't use. Now what?

All credits are good for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. After 12 months, they expire. They can be used by any trip within a church or organization. However, they cannot be transferred to another church or organization or redeemed for cash or a refund. You will receive an email notification 90-days prior to their expiration. You can view your purchase history of all credits inside Mission Control.


What about using MissionMakr for trips to sensitive areas? follows the natural progression of a trip. Launch, the first phase, is public. Anyone can find your trip and sign up to go or follow. However, in both cases, the user must be approved, either as a Trip Member or Trip Follower. GearUP and GO!, MissionMakr's second and third phase, are private. They require a username and password to access. Tell, MissionMakr's fourth phase, defaults to public but can be made private which requires a username and password.

If you travel to a sensitive area, you might consider using GearUP, GO! and Tell (set to private) so that each phase requires a username and password. However, once a user gains access to a phase, there is nothing to stop them from copying text, a photo or other sensitive information and posting it on another form of media like Facebook or a blog.


What is the "learning curve" for MissionMakr?

There really isn't a "learning curve". Creating a trip is a simple 3-step process that takes about 45 seconds. After that, you're ready to build your phases. Selecting one of our templates makes it easy as we provide sample content and layout. You can add more widgets, delete widgets or simply copy content from Word to our widgets. If you need help, click on Help and up pops short 2-3 minute videos on key concepts and actions. Need to talk to us? Sure, you can send us an email and we'll respond, usually the same day. Want to hear a live voice? Okay, we can do that too if you call our toll-free number. We're here to help you make more out of missions!

Let's do a demo!

Let us show you how easy it is to create trips and add content using our drag & drop widgets. Send an email to . We’ll contact you and set it up!

"Making more of missions is the goal, and it delivers on its promise. MissionMakr is part of our strategy to be a missional church." Dr. David Seifert, Senior Pastor, Shelter Cove Community Church
Matthew 28:19 "Therefore, go and make disciples ..."