Extend Your Trip's Impact For Months Not Just Weeks!

Bring what happened on the mission field to life!


Like Launch, Tell gives you all the tools you need to tell the world about your trip and what God did. Move widgets from GO! to Tell with the click of your mouse and 90% of your work is done! Or, add pages and widgets, create and add content, add photos, video, testimonies and more. Communicate simple, easy to remember bookmarks and urls and start to spread the power of the mission field around.

Drag and drop widgets make creating Tell quick and easy.


Even if you return with 10 days of laundry to do, you can build 2 or 3 Tell pages quickly so that others from your church or organization can see what happened.

Generate interest in your next trip, and keep missions on the radar!


Use Tell to generate interest in your next short-trip or add content that supports missions in general. Tell helps keep your trip alive longer than a single PowerPoint, a collection of photos you email or even your own personal blog. As you use MissionMakr.com to post more trips, Trip Followers will find it to be the central hub for mission trip communication and updates.

Let's do a demo!

Let us show you how easy it is to create trips and add content using our drag & drop widgets. Send an email to . We’ll contact you and set it up!

"Making more of missions is the goal, and it delivers on its promise. MissionMakr is part of our strategy to be a missional church." Dr. David Seifert, Senior Pastor, Shelter Cove Community Church
Matthew 28:19 "Therefore, go and make disciples ..."